• Simplified access to SharePoint

    Using the WS-Federation standard, NetIQ Access Manager™ simplifies the process of managing different user communities access to Microsoft SharePoint. The result: users get seamless access to SharePoint with one set of passwords and policies—even if their user accounts reside in Active Directory identity stores spread across the enterprise.

  • Identity Information that Safely Crosses Boundaries

    NetIQ Access Manager™ supports identity federation standards—including SAML, WS-Federation and Liberty Alliance—giving users a secure way to pass authentication information along when they need to. Deliver simple access to employees, customers and partners using standards-based access management technologies that make it easy to securely share identity information across business and technical boundaries.

  • Web Single Sign-On

    Make it easy to log in and use web-based applications. NetIQ Access Manager™ can deploy standards-based Web single sign-on, which means your employees, partners and customers only have to remember one password or login routine to access all the Web-based applications they are authorized to use. That means far fewer helpdesk calls—and the reduced likelihood of users resorting to vulnerable written reminders.

  • Simplified, Centralized Administration

    Take control of access from one central location. You can use NetIQ Access Manager™ to centralize access control for all digital resources, eliminating the need for multiple software tools at various locations. One access solution fits all applications and information assets. In addition, Access Manager includes support for major federation standards, including SAML, WS-Federation, and Liberty Alliance.

  • Easy Integration and Interoperability

    You don't have to replace your existing systems. NetIQ Access Manager™ integrates out-of-the-box with several leading identity stores including eDirectory, Active Directory and Sun One, and any standard HTTP application. No need to rip and replace anything.

  • Delivers Workload IQ Security Benefits

    NetIQ Access Manager™ delivers on the WorkloadIQ™ promise of keeping your organization secure by helping you safeguard access to online assets. You can control access to both Web-based and traditional business applications, without making it hard for your employees, customers and partners to work together.

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